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- Ephesus Ancient City: It was once one of the biggest city of ancient World with a population of 250.000

people. This City was established by the sea and with its port, it became the heart of trading in the

ancient World. Ephesus had been a religious center of early Christians.

- The House of Virgin Mary: The house is typical Roman architectural examle, entirely made out of stones.

In the 4th century, a church combining her house and grave, has been built.

- Temple of Artemis: Its known as one of the seven wonders of Antic World. Now the only thing can be

seen seen the ruins of the foundations of this awesome construction of the Hellenistic age, made out of

marble and full of sculptured columns, capitals and shafts.

- Terrace Houses: Its located nearby Hadrian Temple. Terrace houses also called as ‘the houses of rich’.

These houses were for rich people of Ephesus.

- St. John Basilica: St. John spent his last years in this region of Ephesus. The church was changed into an

awesome basilica by Emperor Justinian.

Tour includes: English speaking tour guide, Mercedes vip car, museum ticket, lunch, private transfers

from kusadasi port or from your hotel, 5 star hotel accommodation, parking fee and taxes.

After your private Ephesus tour, with 1 hour 20mins domestic flight, we can take you to Cappadocia for a

private Cappadocia Daily tour or one night you can stay here. Please contact with us.

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